State of Georgia Digital Asset Library: Usage & Guidelines

The State of Georgia Digital Asset Library is available for use by all organizations and entities within Georgia’s state government. It is administered by Digital Services Georgia, a service provided by Georgia Technology Authority.


Georgia’s state government employees and contractors can access the asset library by opening a support request with Georgia Technology Authority's Office of Digital Services.

We continuously change and update this library over time.


Acceptable asset usage includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Official agency websites or web applications
  • Native mobile applications
  • E-publications and email marketing
  • Social media posts 
  • Small film productions or ads with a budget under $10,000
  • Printed materials with less than 500,000 total prints

These assets may not be used for logos, trademarks, sensitive use, or reselling without added creative elements.

Most of the photos provided in the asset library are purchased from Shutterstock with the Standard License. Please refer to Shutterstock’s license information for full details.

If you need to use the assets outside of those listed above or otherwise covered by Shutterstock’s Standard License, please open a support request.


All assets in the library have been resized and optimized for digital use. For the best results, we generally recommend using an image that is about twice the size of its largest display size and compressed to reduce file size.

Most photos in the library are provided at two sizes: 2000 pixels wide and 3000 pixels wide. For use on a GovHub website, please refer to our Image Dimensions article to select the correctly-sized photo for your specific usage. In nearly every case, the 2000 pixels wide version will be large enough.

For print materials or other usage where you need an asset at larger dimensions or higher resolution, please open a support request.

Picking an Appropriate Image

The Digital Asset Library is organized into several categories, such as health and kids. These categories can help you identify an appropriate image.

When selecting an image, always consider the context and mindset in which the user will observe the image. Be wary of using imagery that will be disconcerting to someone in a state of distress or crisis.

Accessible Presentation

Whenever the image is displayed digitally, make sure to follow image accessibility guidelines, such as providing meaningful alternative “alt” text.

For more on image accessibility, please refer to the Web Accessibility Initiative’s Images Concepts tutorial.

Finding Images from Outside the Library

Use imagery to support the state brand personality attributes: pragmatic, inclusive, empowering, official, and charming.

When we use photography, do your best to use authentic portraits of residents of Georgia. In the case that you must use stock photography, use images that feel candid and authentic, never “stocky.” Make sure photos appear as though they could have been taken in Georgia (local flora, representative architecture, etc.) with few exceptions like cases where the associated content is talking about another location. Find photography with warm natural lighting, and highlight scenes from everyday life.

For extra warmth, add a 10% Georgia Peach (#FFD5B1) overlay on top of the photo.

Optimizing Images

For digital presentation, optimize images to reduce file size and improve the website or application’s user experience. Please refer to our Image Optimization article for more information.