The platform color palette is designed to be cohesive yet flexible; ownable yet timeless; confident yet warm.

Deep blue-greens reflect the brand’s timeless and official nature, while warm peach tones and gold accents lend a modern approachability. In print, gold foil can act as an accent.

The full palette includes tints and shades of many of these colors, but this provides a good introduction. You can view all the color palettes here.

Greyscale colors

Color Swatch

Soft Black

R=0 G=3 B=0
C=75 M=67 Y=67 K=88

Color Swatch

Dark Grey

R=80 G=83 B=80
C=65 M=55 Y=58 K=34

Color Swatch

Light Grey

R=211 G=211 B=211
C=16 M=12 Y=13 K=0

Color Swatch


R=255 G=255 B=255
C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=0

Cool colors

Color Swatch

Atlantic Storm

R=0 G=50 B=59
C=96 M=63 Y=58 K=56

Color Swatch

Live Oak

R=7 G=73 B=73
C=94 M=52 Y=62 K=43

Color Swatch

Cool Neutral

R=230 G=240 B=235
C=9 M=2 Y=7 K=0

Color Swatch

Green Clay

R=216 G=222 B=169
C=15 M=8 Y=38 K=0

Warm colors

Color Swatch

Savannah Sunrise

R=252 G=163 B=117
C=0 M=42 Y=47 K=0

Color Swatch

Georgia Peach

R=255 G=213 B=177
C=0 M=19 Y=26 K=0

Color Swatch

Warm Neutral

R=252 G=236 B=217
C=0 M=8 Y=12 K=0

Color Swatch

Warm Light Grey

R= G= B=
C= M= Y= K=

Color Swatch

Warm Dark Grey

R=235 G=231 B=228
C=7 M=7 Y=7 K=0

Accent colors

Color Swatch


R=230 G=230 B=230
C=9 M=6 Y=7 K=0

Color Swatch

Macon Red

R=250 G=104 B=51
C=0 M=68 Y=70 K=0

Color Swatch

Red Clay

R=176 G=17 B=22
C=20 M=94 Y=88 K=10

Color Swatch

Sassafras Orange

R=194 G=68 B=33
C=15 M=82 Y=85 K=4

Color Swatch

Atlanta Blue

R=16 G=48 B=82
C=100 M=78 Y=43 K=39

Color Swatch

Spanish Moss

R=181 G=221 B=185
C=30 M=2 Y=33 K=0

Color Swatch

Gold Dome

R=208 G=174 B=86
C=16 M=32 Y=72 K=1

Color Swatch


R=107 G=120 B=12
C=56 M=40 Y=100 K=21

Color Swatch


R=44 G=62 B=80
C=86 M=66 Y=49 K=40