Logo Marks

Primary Mark

Traditionally, the Georgia state seal includes an arch with three pillars, to represent the legislative, judicial and executive branches of government, as well as the constitutional principles of wisdom, justice, and moderation. We chose to use the pillars as a recognizable symbol of authority, but to modernize the design and give it a digital twist.

Primary logo mark


Agency Lockups

Examples of agency logo lockups

When locked up with the digital seal or wordmark, the agency name should be typeset onto two lines in Proxima Nova. Small prepositions like “of” should be set Source Serif Italic.




Logo Clearance

Logo clearance

To preserve clarity, no other graphic element should intrude upon the logo. A clear area equal to or greater than the distance between the wordmark and logomark must surround the logo.

In the case of the wordmark alone, a clear area equal or greater to the total height of the wordmark must surround the wordmark.