Brand Personality

These five adjectives describe the distinctive personality that shines through in everything DSGa does—an iconic visual, verbal, and behavioral lexicon for the platform. Almost as if they’re describing a person, the brand personality criteria are evocative, specific, and contain positive tensions, as they’ll inform all brand decisions.


Ultimately, we are a place for the people of Georgia to come and get things done, and then get on with their lives. We are utilitarian without being aloof, stripping out unnecessary details so users can accomplish their goals efficiently and without stress.

Typographic, Data-Driven, Action-Oriented


The services we offer are as diverse as our people. So it’s our mission to use language and processes that are easy to understand—compassion without condescension. We meet our users where they are, offering layered information through accessible, multi-channel, intuitive experiences.

Simple, Straightforward, Intuitive


Though we are a cohesive governmental body, we encourage our users—whether agencies or residents—to tailor the digital experience to fit their needs. We embrace an iterative, human-centered approach that considers cutting-edge technology while incorporating user feedback into every new feature.

Modular, Flexible, Tailored


From vital social services to routine licenses, we are proud to serve the people of Georgia in a myriad of ways. We don’t take our position lightly—in fact, we’re passionate perfectionists. So we strive to provide peace-of-mind that our information is up-to-date, trustworthy, and relevant.

Timeless, Classic, Bold


Georgia is a land of sweet tea and true southern hospitality, and we are proud to bring an approachability and modernity to government that sets us apart from other states. We go out of our way to help our users find what they need, and thus our utilitarian demeanor is often punctured by moments of delight.

Conversational, Warm, Human